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Coast Guard Ribbon Checker The medals with which a "V" device may be authorized continue to differ, as well as the manner in which the device is worn and the name by which the device is referred to. An alphabetical listing of ribbons and medals is in the works, as is a "medals" page. For VI, if both Air Force awards are earned, they are worn together with the Unit award first. II Army Distinguished Service Medal

Afi 36-2803 - U. S. Air Force The Department of Defense, Army, and Air Force have referred to the "V" as the "V" Device, On 22 December 1945, in War Department Circular 383, the United States Army decided to introduce the "V" device to distinguish the award of a Bronze Star Medal for acts of valor and heroism rather than meritorious service. Force Military Awards and Decorations Program. Service Medal, Legion of Merit, and Air Force Achievement Medal. This instruction implements the requirements of Department of Defense DoD Instruction. are maintained in accordance with Air Force Manual AFMAN 33-363, Management of.

Army Awards and Decorations - The Balance Soldiers and airmen who were awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroism in combat, were now authorized to wear a bronze "V" on the suspension and service ribbon of the medal. The Department of the Navy introduced the "V" as the "Combat Distinguishing Device", and on 15 February 1946, authorized the "V" device to be worn on the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star Medal for services or acts performed in actual combat with the enemy; in February 1947, this was changed to acts or services involving direct participation in combat operations. The United States Army uses military awards and decorations medals and ribbons

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Afi 36-2803 - U. S. Air Force
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