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Mitsubishi TV User Manuals and Support Information Retrevo Temperature Sensor is defective or not seated properly ... However, the problem happened again on an ever increasing basis. ed Mits and told them about the problem and that I knew that it was happening to a lot of people. They arranged for a second repair company, at their expense. I have a Mitsubishi WS-65869 model, 65" projection. Rear projection - has a great pic and works fine most of the time. I know this will continue to degrade until it won't correct any longer. Mitsubishi LDT461V Specifications • User Guide • Warranty. Mitsubishi LT-40153 User Guide • Specifications. Mitsubishi WS-65513 Owners Guide.

Support / Mitsubishi TV Turned the set back on and all was well for a month of so. Bows are even and self correct on and off until the set warms up then it works fine. Download owner's manuals, software updates and more. LEARN MORE. Order replacement lamps and other parts at Mitsubishi parts website. LEARN MORE.

Mitsubishi Gold Series WS-65513 65" rear projection TV Overview. My problem started with the set, after running 1-2 hours (62725-4 years old) suddenly going to a blue screen, the little green lht flashing and then total shut down. Mitsubishi Gold Series WS-65513 65" rear projection TV overview and full product specs on CNET.

NEW Mitsubishi Projection DLP TV Backlit Remote. They seem to recognize they have a component reliability problem and are prepared to work with the set owner on repair costs, even a 4 year old set. NEW Mitsubishi Projection DLP TV Backlit Remote Control 290P109E10. WS-65413 WS-65513 WS-65613 WS-65713 WS-65813 WS-73513.

Repairing Mitsubishi WS-65511 Blinking green lht fuse. - iFixit Depending on the Model, using the TV front control panel buttons, press either the INPUT MENU or DEVICE MENU and hold both depressed for about 6 seconds. They told me to get a written diagnosis at my expense from one of their recommended people, fax it to them and they would work with me. Guy shows up, tries to tell me it is the bulb and he never inspected the chassis. New tech says after checking a number of things, that it is definitely the chassis but not the typical power supply problem. They offer to take the chassis for repair, at their expense, including shipping, as long as I pay the tech's labor charge of 4, which includes everything. My convergence is fine(blue and red grid is good and square) but the alnment grid itself is totally meessed up. I have done some electronic repair on aircraft radios but have little knowledge of TV. Thanks Jim Hi- I have a Mitsubishi b screen, projection television model # VS-45605. It began with a slow vertical roll and is now faster and last as long as the tv is on. This repair can also be performed on the following models V21 MODELS WS-48511 WS-55511 WS-65511 WS-B55 V21+ MODELS WS-65611. Repairing Mitsubishi WS-65511 Blinking green lht fuse replacement. Main guide photo.

<i>Mitsubishi</i> TV User <i>Manuals</i> and Support Information Retrevo
Support / <strong>Mitsubishi</strong> TV
<i>Mitsubishi</i> Gold Series <i>WS-65513</i> 65
NEW <em>Mitsubishi</em> Projection DLP TV Backlit Remote.

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