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Carlson X-Port Manual - Carlson Software This section is intended as a quick reminder of the steps you need to perform. The camera batteries will maintain data stored in memory if the 9v batteries run out, but they cannot run the SDR33. Communications with all of the popular data collection platforms. This program reads or. Sokkia SDR33 & G2. 4. Leica. 5. Print Raw Data. Opens the Carlson text editor and allows the user to print a report of the raw data.

Collector Connector - Carlson Software It assumes you are familiar with the way in which the SDR33 works. Never be store batteries in the data recorder since it will constantly draw power from them, even when off, to maintain memory. Collector Connector, “Sht” Survey, Survey 4.0, Survey Lite, Survey 3.0. This program, instruction manual and reference materials are sold "as is," without any warranty as to. SDR Scale Factor. Raw Data Files.33. Data Collector Files.

Looking for a manual for the Sokkia SDR33 model It is well worth your time to become familiar with the SDR33, it can make your surveying much more efficient. Remove all batteries when done with the data in the recorder. Does anybody have a user manual for the above data collector. An electronic file would be perfect or?

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