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Rebuilding a TH400 Automatic Transmission to After you have disassembled your trans and cleaned the mostly bare case, I recommend you change the shift shaft seal, kick down connector O-ring, and rear case bushing. Follow along as we d up a TH400 transmission from the junkyard and rebuild it up with help from Performance Automatic - Super Chevy.

Turbo hydra-matic 400 autom. trans - Buick Riviera Pictured here is a tool that allows removing the shift shaft seal without removal of the parking linkage. 76. TURBO. HYDRA - MATIC. 400 Turbo Hydra-matic 400. Automatic Transmission. AUTOMATIC. TRANSMISSION. 76A-.

ATSG Chevy GM TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Rebuild. - It is relatively inexpensive and can be used without pan removal with the transmission in the car. GM Chevrolet TH400 1964-ON Rebuild ATSG Tech Manual. This is a very well illustrated manual with valuable information on the tolerances that the TH400.

How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Be sure to lube the seal before re-installing, and take care not to cut it on the edges of the shifter shaft. How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions S-A Desn Workbench. THM 400 Techtran Manual, ATSG Automatic Transmission Service .

TH400M40 3L80 TH375 - TH475 3L80HD - Ferrari 400 TH400 Transmission parts TH400 transmission rebuild kits, TH400 transmission filters TH400 transmission bands, TH400 transmission sprags TH400 transmission thrust washers, TH400 transmission bushings TH400 transmission gaskets, TH400 transmission tools TH400 transmission fluid additives, TH400 transmission solenoids TH400 transmission Torrington bearings, TH400 transmission seals TH400 transmission valve body kits, TH400 transmission shift kits, Automatic transmission fluid coolers, TH400 transmission repair manuals TH400 transmission clutch plates, TH400 transmission steel plates TH400 transmission pistons. By photographs orinally published by Slauson Transmission Parts and that Slauson is. TH400M40 3L80. MASTER OVERHAUL KITS WITH STEELS 1. 165H Reprogramming Kit, Competition Only, Stick Shift Full Manual Control.

Transmission parts TH400 transmission The orinal article by jakeshoe can be seen in the Hotrodders forum thread TH400 Build Tips with Photos. Transmission parts TH400 transmission rebuild kits TH400 transmission shift. fluid coolers, TH400 transmission repair manuals TH400 transmission clutch.

TH400 Monster-In-A-Box Transmission Rebuild Besides the basic rebuild, also shown here are some modifications that are not usually required, but are still good to do. TH400 Transmission Rebuild Kits - DIY Transmission Kit - Build Your Trans Yourself and SAVE.

Th400 transmission repair manual:

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