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Download Office <em>2010</em> training - Office Support

Download Office 2010 training - Office Support They’re in Power Point 2010 format, so you can customize them for training or view them on your desktop. If you don't have Power Point 2010, download the Power Point Viewer to view these files. EXCEL 2010. Make the switch to Excel 2010. Get to know Excel 2010 Create your first spreadsheet. Get to know Excel 2010 Create formulas. Understand data at a glance.

Microsoft <i>Excel</i> <i>2010</i> - Home - The University of Sydney

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Home - The University of Sydney Performing calculations, whether simple or complex, can be tedious and time consuming. Microsoft Excel 2010 Understanding the Basics. 4. Locate and Select Microsoft Office Excel 2010. You have now launched Excel. When Excel starts.

<i>Excel</i> <i>2010</i> Intermediate - Microsoft Office Training

Excel 2010 Intermediate - Microsoft Office Training You can use Excel functions and formulas to do these calculations for you. Contents Quick reference Excel 2010 shortcuts.1 CTRL combination shortcut keys.

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