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PowerVac® Vacuum Circuit Breaker with RP- - K-3000(S) & K-4000(S) Parts RP-9.1.8-1 - K-Line Parts RP-9.1.8-1B - K-Line Parts LV cal Manuals - Allis-Chalmers - Siemens-Allis 18X4560-01 - LA Parts 18X4583-02 - LA BWX-6462 - LA-25A BWX-6465 - LA-50A G-50-A SG-3028 - LA SG-3068 - RL SG-3088 - R & SR SG-3098-01 - Static Trip II SG-3108 - Limi Trip Overcurrent Trip Device SG-3128 - PTS-3 Portable Test Set SG-3138 - PTS-4 Portable Test Set LV cal Manuals - Federal Pacific C-3-221-1 - H-2 & -2 FP-75 FP-75-3000 & FM-3000 FPS4 & FMS4 Parts IN-302 - DMB-25 & DMB-50 IN-810.10 - FPS4 & FMS4 IN-810.4 - FP & FM IN-810.9 - FP & FM Refurbishment of Drawout Breakers LV cal Manuals - General Electric DET-066 - Micro Versa Trip Plus for GE DET-067 - Micro Versa Trip Plus for ITE DET-093 - Micro Versa Trip Plus for Westinghouse DET-101 - TVRMS2 Dital Test Kit GEF-2723A - AE Parts GEF-3506F - AK Parts GEF-3878 - AK-1-50 Parts GEF-4149G - AK Parts GEF-4150H - AK Parts GEF-4379 - ML-13 Parts GEF-4395 - AK GEF-4396C - AK Parts GEF-4527B - AKR Parts GEF-4527D - AK Parts GEF-4552 - AKR Parts GEH-1023E - PK-2 Test Blocks & Plugs GEH-1793E - HGA11 Relay GEH-1798A - AK-1-50 EO GEH-1799 - AK-1-50 MO GEH-1807 - AK-1 GEH-1807B - AK-1 EO GEH-1824 - AK-1 MO GEH-20 - Power-Break Drawout Assembly GEH-2021D - AK GEH-2024C - HFA51 Relay GEH-2038C - SBM Switch GEH-230V - Instrument Transformers GEH-26 - Power-Break Switchboard GEH-2625 - Armor-Clad GEH-2636 - Armor-Clad GEH-338D - Power-Break GEH-3402C - Power-Break Accessories GEH-3445 - Aluminum Terminations GEH-3481D - Versa Trip GEH-34F - Power-Break Accessories GEH-4355A - Power-Break GEH-4358A - Power-Break Accessories GEH-4674A - AKD-8 GEH-5019 - AKR GEH-5369A - Micro Versa Trip RMS-9 GEH-5371B - Micro Versa Trip Rating Plug GEH-5407-1 - MCB's GEH-5415A - Micro Versa Trip RMS-9 Conversion GEH-5933A - Micro Versa Trip Rating Plugs GEH-5945 - Power Leader GEH-5946 - Power Leader Voltage Conditioner GEH-5964 - Micro Versa Trip for GE AKR-75 & A GEH-5965A - Micro Versa Trip for GE AK GEH-5966 - Micro Versa Trip for GE AK GEH-6273A - Micro Versa Trip for GE AKR & Pow GEH-6293 - Micro Versa Trip for ITE KA GEH-6294A - Micro Versa Trip for K-Line GEH-6295 - Micro Versa Trip for ITE KB GEH-6303 - Micro Versa Trip for GE AKR & Powe GEH-6318 - Micro Versa Trip for Westinghouse GEH-6319 - Micro Versa Trip for Westinghouse GEH-6433 - Micro Versa Trip for ITE KC GEH-908P - SB Switch GEI-12052A - AL-2 GEI-12052F - AL-2-50 GEI-18080B - SB-1 Switch GEI-28712E - HEA Relay GEI-28801C - HGA26 Relay GEI-48907 - Ground Fault Protection Systems GEI-50216B - EC-2 Overcurrent Trip Device.p GEI-50299 - AK-2 GEI-50299A - AK-2 GEI-50299E - AK GEI-74600 - AK GEI-74624 - AKF-1B GEI-83957 - HGA35 Relay GEI-86133 - Ground Fault Defeat Cable GEI-86134C - AKR GEI-86135B - AK GEI-86150-A - AKR GEI-86151A - AKR GEI-86151B - AKR GEI-86151C - AKR GEI-90892 - Overcurrent Trip Device GEI-9321G - AE GEI-93863 - AK GEK-28008A - HMA11 Relay GEK-64454 - TAK-TS1 Test Set GEK-64459B - AKR GEK-64459C - AKR GEK-64460 - AK GEK-64460A - AKR & AKS GEK-64461 - AKR-30 GEK-64464B - Micro Versa Trip Test Set Type T GEK-64466 - Micro-Versa Trip Programmer GEK-7301H - PST-1 & PST-1-1 Power Sensor Te GEK-7302B - AK GEK-7303C - AK GEK-7309B - Power Sensor Trip Device GEK-7310A - AKR GEK-73300-2 - TAK-TS2 Test Set GEK-90218B - Power Vac Parts GEK-97367 - Micro Versa Trip TVRMS Test Kit GEK-97728A - Micro Versa Trip RMS-9 Conversion GEK-97729 - Micro Versa Trip RMS-9 Conversion GET-2963 - MCB's 1 MVT Plus & PM Replacements PGEI-1403 - AK Canadian LV cal Manuals - Miscellaneous Carriere FB600E GTE Sylvania SSPB Joslyn Opti-Trip I RMS Joslyn Opti-Trip II RMS Multilin FB600E Romac - MCB PM Sure Trip Retro Kits Sytek Smart Trip Terasaki Tem Power ACB LV cal Manuals - Square D 6030-2 LV PWR CKT BKRs 6030-2 - DS & DSL LV cal Manuals - Westinghouse AD-33-761 - DBL AD-33-855 - Ditrip RMS Retrofit Kit DA-50, DA-75 & DA-100 DB-32-650(E) - DS DB-H-32-150 - DS DD-37-150 - W Switch IB-32-100-1A - Metal-Enclosed Switchgear IB-32-690 - DS IB-33-790-1A - DS206, DS416 & DS532 IB-33-790-1G - DS & DSL IB-33-790-1GA - DS & DSL IB-33-850-1&2F - DB-15, DB-25, DB-F & DBL-2 IB-33-850-4&5D - DB-75, DB-100 & DBF-40 IB-33-850-6D - Retrofit of DB Breakers IB-35-230 - DR-150 IB-35-260-B - DR IB-5965-D - DK-15 & DK-25 IB-5992 - Metal-Enclosed Air Switchgear IL-10820-A - N-140 Contactor IL-33-791-F - Amptector Tester IL-33-852-4 - Retrofit Kit DB-75 & DB-100.p IL-41-321E - MG-4 & MG-6 Relay IL-43-240G - Switchboard Instruments RMS Ditrip Converson Kit on GE AK-1-15 RP-32-254 - DB, DBL & DBF RP-33-790-1H - DS & DSL Parts Series Overcurrent Trip Devices - DB Breaker Please feel free to explore our web site and contact us. GEK-86132G Instructions g. PowerVac®. With ML-18 or ML-18H Mechanism. Table of. 3 Front view of PowerVac breaker without front cover. 8. company and notify the nearest General Electric Company. 44-page instruction manual includes saftey information, product description, receiving, handling and storage information, features, operation, control circuit, mechanical checking and slow closing, dimensional checks, electrical checks, maintenance, timing, opening and closing speed, repair and replacement information, renewal parts ordering instructions, mechanical adjustment information, trouble reporting form, photos and drawings with point outs, typical wiring diagrams, table of measurements. The GE Distribution Recloser is a Power/Vac in-air. Modular Recloser Desn Consists of three pole assemblies and the breaker mechanism to simplify.

Bpé'fim/S Operating Mechanism for the Ground Switch in the following Electrical Ground and Test Devices: GMV-1050, GMV-1051, GMV-1052, GMV-1053, GMV-1054, GMV-1055, GMV-1060, GMV-1061. I INSTRUCTIONS GEK~90207. POWER/VAC*. WITH ML—18 MECHANISM. TYPES C. From View of Power} Vac" Circuit Breaker Without Front Cover r. Manual Charging. General Electric neither condones nor assumes any respon-.

Installation and Instruction - Publication Library GE 40-page instruction manual includes safety and maintenance information, product description, receiving, handling and storage information, product features, operation information, control circuit information, mechanical checking and slow closing, dimensional checks, electrical checks, maintenance procedures, timing, opening and closing speed, repair and replacement, renewal parts ordering instructions, mechanical adjustments, trouble reporting form, photos, diagrams with point outs, schematics. Results 1 - 21 of 21. 48 page Instruction Manual on GE POWER/VAC Vacuum Circuit Breaker; Type PVDB1 15.5 kV; ML18/ML18H Spring Operating Mechanism. As a courtesy to our Respected Customers, here we put a brief list of the Vintage Switchgear, Cell and Breakers, Manuals and Instruction Books from American Switchgear Manufacturers: ITE MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books ABB 15HK G&T S-16616 Bulletin 4009 - HV Circuit Breakers Electrical Buses and Bus Structures ITE IB-47620-HV - HV 50 & HV 100 IB-5400 - 5HV-250 IB-5400A 5HV-250-1200-2000A Circuit Breaker IB-5414 - 5HV-150 & 4.16HV-150 IB-5415 - 5HV-150 & 4.16HV-150 IB-5509 5HV Metal Clad Switchgear IB-5510 7.5 and 15k V HV IB-5511A 7.5 - 15k V HV switchgear IB-5708 5HV-75-1200 Circuit Breaker IB-5717 5HV Circuit Breakers IB-5909 5HV Metal Clad Switchgear IB- - 5HK IB- - 5HK IB- - 5VKB-R IB- - 7.5HK500, 15HK500 & 15HK750 IB- - 15HK1000 IB- - VHK-R IB- - 15VHK1000 IB-6-2-9-7-1A (GHK) IB-8.2.7-1 HK Instruction Manual IB-8.2.7-2C - 5HK IB-8.2.7-5 - 15HKV500 & 15HKV750 ITE 5HK IB-8.2.7-1 ITE HK Switchgear B3.2.1-1B RP- - 5HK250 Parts RP- - 5HK350 Parts RP- - 7.5HK500 Parts RP- - 15HK150 & 15HK250 Parts RP- - 15HK500 Parts RP- - 15HK750 Parts RP- - 15HK1000 Parts RP-7050 5HV-50 Parts RP-7150-HV - 5HV-150 Parts (2nd copy) RP-7150-HV - 5HV-150 Parts RP-7250 - 5HV-250 Parts RP-7250-HV - 5HV-250 Parts RP-8.2.8-2C - 5HK150 Parts Allis-Chalmers & Siemens-Allis MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: 18X3087 Instructions for AC-MA 5k V Air Breakers 18X4439 Reneval Parts for AC-MA 5k V Air Breakers 18X1698-02 - Shelter Clad Housings 18X5165-02 - MA-75C1, MA-250C1 & MA-350C1 18X5166-02 Reneval Parts for AC-MA 5k V Air Breakers 18X5416-01 - FCV-500 & FCV-750 18X5417-01 - FCV-500 & FCV-750 Parts 18X9587-07 - Metal-Clad Switchgear with Air 18X9587B - Metal-Clad Switchgear with Ruptair Circuit Breakers 20X9759E - Space Maker Contactor BWX-6347-4 - AM-150C BWX-6375 Instructions for MC-500 Ruptair Circuit Breaker BWX-6381-1 - MC-250 BWX-6506 - MA-150 BWX-6549 Instructions for MC-7 Ruptair Circuit Breaker BWX-6555-1 - MA-75A, MA-150A & MA-250A BWX-6630-2 - FC-150, FC-250 & FC-500 BWX-6630-4 - FC-150A, FC-250A & FC-500A BWX-6631-1 - MC-250 BWX-6657-1 - MA-75, MA-150 & MA-250B BWX-6657-4 - MA-75, MA-150 & MA-250B BWX-6679 Instructions for MA-350B 1200A Ruptair Circuit Breaker BWX-6731 Instructions for MA Ruptair Circuit Breaker BWX-6732 - FB-500A, FC-500A & FC-750A BWX-6733 - FA-350A BWX-6753 - SDO Oil Circuit Breaker SG-3158-01 - 3AF Vacuum SG-3268-01 - GMI English Electric MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: English Electric OB-50 Air Circuit Breaker Federal Pacific MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: IN-820.11 - DST-2 IN-820.12 - ER-ERM Closing Mechanism IN-820.13 - DST-2-15k V-1000MVA General Electric MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: GE Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers Reneval Parts Catalog GE-AM Primary Disconnects GE-AM Primary Movable Contact 0534A0850 P-0A0850 P-001 GE-AM Diagram 0137A6017 - P7 DEI-002 - GEK39671 suplement 2-96 rev DET-456 GE-VB Maintenance and Troubleshooting Suggestions GEA-5664 GE-AM Vertical Lift Switchgear GEA-5664M GE-AM Vertical Lift Switchgear GEF-3707B - ARA Parts GEF-3874E - AM-7.2 Parts GEF-3875C - AM-13.8 Parts GEF-4351C - Reneval Parts for GE-AM Switchgear M-26 and M-36 GEF-4379 - ML-13 Mechanism Parts GEF-4429C GE-AM 13.8-500 Reneval Parts GEF-4435A GE-AM 7.2 Reneval Parts GEF-4440 GE-AM 13.8-500 Reneval Parts GEF-4705 - Power Vac Parts GEG-4422B - AM-5 Parts GEH-1802U - GE-AM Metal clad switchgear M-26 & M-36 GEH-1804D GE-AM Breakers GEH-1805D GE-AM Breakers GEH-2000A - AM-2.4 & AM-4.16 GEH-2004 - AM-13.8 GEH-2004H - AM-13.8 GEH-2054G GE-AM 4.16 Instructions and Reneval Parts GEH-3102D - AC Air-Break Contactors GEH-4694-A - Power Break GEI-13532D - AM-5-100 & AM-5-150 GEI-17352B - AM-15-150 & AM-15-250 GEI-23903E GE-AM5 Instructions GEI-23949C - AM-15-500-2 GEI-23961E - AM-5 GEI-23962 - GE-ARA-15 Breakers GEI-23962C GE-ARA 14.4 Breakers GEI-25335A GE-ARA 14.4-2500-5000 Breaker GEI-44061 GE-ARA 14.4 Indoor Station Equipment GEI-50143F - Stored Energy Operator GEI-77055 - AM-13.8 GEI-77066D - AM-7.2 GEI-77070B GE-AM 4.16 Reneval Parts GEI-88762A - AM-4.16-350 GEI-88763E GE-AM 7.2 Instructions and Reneval Parts GEI-88764E GE-AM 13.8 Instructions and Reneval Parts GEI-88771C - AMH-4.76-250 GEK–105263B - GE-VB Breaker Test Cabinet (0237C4219G001, 0237C4219G00, and 0237C4219G003) GEK-31111A GE-AM 13.8-500 Instructions and Reneval parts GEK-31111D - AM-13.8-500-7 Instructions GEK-39671A - Power Vac GEK-39671D - Power Vac GEK-39671F Power Vac ML-17 GEK-39672 - Power Vac GEK-39678 - Power Vac Dummy Element GEK-41902C GE-AM 4.16-250 Instructions and Reneval Parts GEK-7345A GE-AM 13.8-750 Instructions and Reneval Parts GEK-86130A Power Vac Remote Racker GEK-86132D - Power Vac ML-18 GEK-86132E - Power Vac ML-18 GEK-86132F - Power Vac ML-18/ML-18H GEK-90202 Power Vac Ground and Test Device G&T(GMV 1052 and GMV 1053) GEK-90204 Power Vac Instruction Manual for Ground and Test Device G&T GEK-90208 - Power Vac ML-17 Reneval Parts GEK-90215A Instruction Manual for Power Vac Switchgear GEK-90218B - Power Vac ML-18 Reneval Parts GE-VB Power Vac Accessories (0282A2610P001, 0177C3943G001, 0152D3900G001, 0209B8043G001) GE-VB Power Vac Replacement Coils Chart PGEI-1202 - M26 & M36 PGEI-1208B GE-A2M 4.16 Instructions PGEI-1220A - A2M-13.8 PGEI-1281 - AM-7.2 & AM-13.8 Mc Graw. POWER/VAC BreakerVacuum interrupters. 15-23 Section 16 Power Quality Products Section 17 Telecommunication Hardware Section 18 GE Multilin Section.

Replacement Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assembly for Power/Vac® Circuit. Edison MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: Mc Graw. Vacuum Interrupter's replacement encapsulated pole assemblies for compatible breakers allow you to maintain your orinal reliable ML-17, ML-18. Power/.

Power Vac Vacuum Circuit Breaker with ML Edison S300-10-1 - PSD Magnetic-Air Circuit Breakers Mc Graw. Edison S300-12-1 - PSD Magnetic-Air Circuit Breakers Various Manufacturers MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: Square D - FLUARC SF6 Circuit Breaker Type FC - Manual 9880-1 Allen Bradley - 1500-5.0 - Centerline Contact Cutler-Hammer - 2175A11G60 - Ampgard English Electric OB-50 Powell - IB-50000 - P-50000 Powl-Vac Powell IB-51000 - P-51000 Powl-Vac Toshiba 6F9A2 - VK Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker VK-6M32B2 Roller-Smith Type BD Air Circuit Breakers FP-2 Power Factor Bridge Manual - Dielectric Instrument Coproration Westinghouse MV Switchgear Manuals and Switchgear Instruction Books: DB-32-252 - DHP DB-33-560 - Indoor OCB F-100 DB-33-650 - Indoor OCB B-8-A & B-10-A H-32-262 - DH-P Application Data IB-32-130-I - 50-DH-50 IB-32-150-4A - DH IB-32-253-2A - DHP Air Circuit Breaker IB-32-253-4A - DHP Air Circuit Breaker IB-32-253-4B - DHP Magnetic Air Circuit Breakers IB-32-253A - DHP Porcel-Line Metal-Clad Switchgear IB-32-255-1C - VCP-W IB-6513C80-A - DHP-VR IB-8295A61H01 - VCP-WR RP-32-150-P - DH Parts ADDITION: LV - Low Voltage Vintage Switchgear, Cell and Breakers, Manuals and Instruction Books from American Switchgear Manufacturers: LV cal Manuals - ABB - ITE 12IHP5021 - K-600S DB-1205 - Reference Drawings DB-4203 - Enclosed Circuit Breakers DB-4204 - Operating Mechanisms DB-4205 - Primary Contact Structures DB-4206 - Overcurrent Trip Devices DB-4207 - Closing & Tripping Control Elemen DB-4208 - Interlocks Field Testing K-Line IB-1102-LG - LG IB-1300-KC - KC IB-1450 - KB IB- - L2 Auxiliary Switch IB-3658 - KL IB-5401 - LG IB-5402 - KA IB-5403 - KB IB-5404 - KC IB-5405 - Shunt Trip Device IB-5412A - R14 Control Relay IB-5504 - L2 Auxiliary Switch IB-5505B - KA IB-5506 - KB IB-5512 - P1, P2 & P3 Switches IB-5528 - KD & KE IB-5721 - K-225, K-600 & K-1600 IB-5724 - K-225, K-600 & K-1600 IB- - LK, LKE & LKD IB- - LK, LKE & LKD IB- - Micro Power Shield IB- - MPS-C2000 for K-Line IB- - K-Line IB- - K-Line IB- - K-Line IB- - K-3000(S) & K-4000(S) IB- - K-3000(S) & K-4000(S) IB- - K-Don IB- - Power Shield IB- - MPS-C2000 IB-6.2.10-5B - K-Line IB-6000-G - Multumite IB-6000-SC - Main & Control Separable Conta IB-7.2.7-1A - Metal Enclosed IB-9.1.7-21C - Power Shield IB-9.1.7-6 - K-Line IB-9.1.7-6C - K-Line RP-1003-R14 - R14 Control Relay Parts RP-5400A - KC Parts RP-5402A - KA Parts RP-5500 - KD & KE Parts RP-5801 - K-225, K-600 & K-1600 Parts RP- - K-Line Parts RP- - K-3000(S) & K-4000(S) Parts. PowerWacº Vacuum Circuit Breaker. With ML–18 Mechanism. These instructions do not purport to cover all deatils or variations in equipment nor to provide for every possible contingency to. matter should be referred to the GE Company.

Ge power vac breaker manual ml-18:

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