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Lexium® 32 Servo Drives motion control - Barr-Thorp I am trying to get it to run using the provided code and VISA commands. The Lexium 32 range of servo drives includes three drive models with two servo motor. use in motion control applications at power ratings between 0.15 and 7kW. detect errors, access parameters and modify them in manual mode using the. PTI snals pulse/direction P/D, A/B or CW/CCW snals b. Page 23.

Lexium MCode - Koco Motion I have Lab VIEW 2013 (32-bit) installed with several additional things, such as FPGA. Lexium MCode Programming and Software Reference. Date. Carefully read this manual and observe all instructions. D Deceleration.

Lexium 23 D drive in follower mode of other drive - I opened the MCode.lvproj, and then opened the MDrive_Data_Collection(example) Its schnicder's lexium 23D drive follow other same drive in master slave.

Lexium 23 d user manual:

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